The Talking Cement Mixer (Sometimes referred to as Mr. Cement Mixer) is a character originally conceived by 2FunnyversionII as part of his hate video against autismsuxass, and later made into a full-blown character by Akriloth2160. It should be noted that on his first appearance on Akriloth2160TV, he was mistakenly identified as being created by fireguy1919, a mistake which was only spotted at the last minute. He is voiced by AT&T Charles.


Originally suffering from being forced into a sexual relationship with now-defunct hate-speech youtuber autismsuxass, the talking cement mixer retaliated by raping him back. After escaping to Akriloth Tower, he then got a brief career in reviewing funny pictures, during which he finds a female cement mixer, and comes to the realisation that his belief in 2funnyversionII's original video on cement mixers being unable to reproduce was not in fact true. His spouse has now given birth to a baby cement mixer.

Voice style

Being voiced by the demo version of AT&T Charles, the talking cement mixer is unable to say any strong profanity, and therefore makes frequent use of euphemisms and sexual innuendoes, most notably the replacement of the word rape with sausage roll assault or violate. He states that his reason for being unable to swear is because,"My AT&T Labs contract says that I can't use words like f-u-c-k". His excessively formal British accent has also led him to randomly utter British stereotypes, such as "Tally ho," and "crumpets!"