The Tiberium Trilogy is a three-part series/trilogy created by EASlol and Pieboy6000. It relates on how Tiberium affects Earth 2 as it arrives and as it adapts into the planet's lifestyle.

It was immediately followed up by the less successful Ascension Trilogy.

The Psychic Dominator Disaster

The Psychic Dominator Disaster is the first installment of The Tiberium Trilogy involving a madman, known as Yuri, who invents a device called the "Psychic Dominator" in an attempt to take over and fully control Earth 2 with this technology. Little does he know, this brings more than just war to Earth 2. It brings an alien element to the planet, known only as "Tiberium", and multiple factions form in an attempt to seize this element and use it for their own diabolical plans. Yuri is eventually defeated, leaving the vile alien race known as The Scrin, The Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod to fight over the prized element, now present on Earth 2.


Microsot Sam: Invasion is the second installment of The Tiberium Trilogy and it picks up right after the events of The Psychic Dominator Disaster, shortly after Yuri's defeat. GDI is now fighting Nod and the Scrin on all fronts. Slowly but surely they're being pushed back, along with Nod by the Scrins sheer strength. However, Director Pieboy6000 of the GDI has a plan to push their invaders offworld, and gets Sam to do the work they need in order to get back at them. Eventually it all comes down to one tower, Threshold-19 in Sarajevo, as a final battle for control of Earth 2 takes place...


Skyfall is the final installment of the Tiberium Trilogy. Starting a month after the end of Microsoft Sam and the Tiberium War, Sam returns after going missing for a long period of time. On return he finds Earth 2 has been transformed. Tiberium is still spreading, but the planet has been enslaved by The Elite AI and her CLPA forces. GDI is fractured and Nod is in hiding. Both Pieboy6000 and EASlol, Director and Second-In-Command respectively, have been captured by enemy forces. Despite the bleak outlook, there is hope. Many of Sam's former allies are starting a resistance in the Ukrainian-Based Yellow Zone city simply known as City 17 and the surrounding areas. Sam steps off the train and out of stasis, beginning his journey that will leave its mark on history forever...

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