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The U-T-M trade association (USSR, Tetrana, Minecraft) is a trade association between the three nations the USSR, Tetrana and the Republic of Minecraft. This allows the three nations to trade between each other without having to tell anyone else. This can be for money, weapons, goods, anything that the countries want to trade.

Any of these nations may leave the association at any given time, and other countries must get approval from ALL three leaders (Pieboy, EmergencyRanger88 and EASlol), or the country cannot join the association, however if someone is not there, they may be added but only with the countries acceptance. This also acts as an economic aid between the countries involved. It has been revealed that the USSR is funding a project being made by the Republic of Minecraft just shortly after this association was founded. Any country found to be spying on another country in the association, or attempting to evade trading constantly will be removed from the association and never allowed to return. Nuclear weapons are allowed to be traded, however this must be done under supervision and only if the countries are allowed or have agreed to trade nuclear weapons. If a country trades nukes but does not have the right in the association to do so, they will be removed from the association.

The association was disestablished in March 2013 with the fall of the USSR.


There are 3 original members to the UTM, these are:

Some other members are:

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