The USSR-SLB Terrorist Cell flag

The United Speakonian Soviet Republic-Soviet Lulz Brigade Terrorist Cell, or the USSR-SLB Terroist Cell for short, was a group of terrorists composed of one hundred high-ranking USSR government leaders who were chased out of the USSR (all of which were later found and killed) and agents from the Soviet Lulz Brigade who were happy to do anything terrorist related against their enemies.

They performed operations that almost always resulted in the intentional loss of civilian lives. One such event occured during the War in the ROFL Island Chain, when five armed gunmen, under orders from a USSR government leader walked through Los Angeles International Airport, murdering countless civilians and security guards. The gunmen all died from exposure to ROFL-6 Nerve Gas when their truck outside, carrying six canisters of the gas, exploded and released the gas into the airport. A HAZMAT team learned of the troubling news that a USSR leader had given the order, which shook the USSR-ULR relationship.

The cell was disbanded days after its creation when the Soviet Lulz Brigade was destroyed.

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