The USSR Ruiner is a heavily shielded, heavily armed Dreadnought-Class spaceship of the USSR Space Corps. 

Boss 1 base

The Rebel Flagship from FTL: Faster Than Light. The USSR Ruiner was modeled after this ship, albeit a lot bigger, and with more weapons.

It was, while in service, the strongest ship in active duty on Earth 2, a role filled now by The Equaliser.

The Ruiner had around twenty main cannons, all of which could obliterate targets when they were charged to maximum power. Alongside this, they also had ten Geth plasma beams on the bottom, capable of cutting through many materials.

It also contains several on-board medical bays, as well as a barracks, capable of deploying soldiers, healing up ground forces and acting as a mobile command center. It also had forty escape pods capable of holding twenty people each, and a large docking bay for transports, which Pieboy used frequently.

In early 2013, the USSR Ruiner was shot down after sustaining heavy fire from Borg forces. Lifepods escaped with most forces intact, but the Ruiner crashed hard into the water nearby and detonated, killing anyone still on board and destroying the ship. It was later replaced by The Equaliser in 2015.

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