The Ultimate Reaver is the leader of the Sucky and Supreme Reavers.

Ultimate Reaver
The Leader of the Sucky and Supreme Reaver

TTS Voice:

Robosoft 2 (very low pitched, sound editing software needed)


Destroying anything in his path


The Evil Mainframe, Commander Ubuntux, Cybriann, CLPA, Jokermingo0044, Sucky Reavers, Supreme Reavers, Any members of Knox


Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, Microsoft Mary, Anyone associating with Microsoft Sam and his allies

Preceeded by:


Succeeded by:


The Ultimate Reaver is still terrifyingly huge like his minions but is much more powerful than the rest.

Some of the Supreme AI's code was used in the Ultimate Reaver along with the Evil Mainframe's, Cybriann's and the Supreme Oracle's, making him highly intelligent, cunning and destructive.

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