The Unimaginative Dance is a dance created by Akriloth2160 during his article titled 13 Facts about Akriloth, as a reference to how his dancing is, "Either incredibly crap, incredibly unimaginative, or incredibly overdone". The dance consists entirely of doing a hip-swing in time to the main riff of a popular dance song with the camera pointed directly at the dancer's posterior. Optionally, in accordance with the video that inspired the dance (see below), the Unimaginative Dance can also be done wearing only boxer shorts, and even better, with googly eyes stuck to each buttock. So far, the dance has been used for:

  • Listen To The Scatman by John Larkin
  • Get it On by Intenso Project and Lisa Scott-Lee
  • Caramelldansen by Caramell (Although this occurrence was an unofficial, but approved redub of the unimaginative dance to Listen To The Scatman edited by motzPHargas)
  • The music from the Action 52 game Crazy Shuffle from WSAM0TV

The dance was inspired by a brief section of the Zero Punctuation review for LittleBigPlanet, where Yahtzee had problems finding things to talk about in the review and presented the viewer with a short clip of him doing a hip swing in boxer shorts in time to Soul Bossa Nova before immediately cutting back to a talk on user-made content.