The United Federation of Pi
Un. Fed. of π Alt. Flag
The Glory of this Federation is as Endless as the Number's Digits

Government Type

Republic (Used to be a Federation)


Jared R Awesome (April 2013)

Vice President

Marvin "Mea" Gusta


48,433 Total before Apocalypse

0 After apocalypse

Capital City

Pi City

Largest City

Cooper's Town

Other Cities

Port Ginnevieve

Port Brochis Splendens


Plecostmous Island




Pian (Pronounced pie-in)



The United Federation of Pi, abbreviated UFP for short, is a nation in the Sea of Speakonia and the country Microsoft Sam lives in in the Cooper TV Studios Universe (User:Coopersmadog ). Its capitol is Pi City, but its largest city is Cooper's Town, where Microsoft Sam lives.


Since the 1700's, the UFP was nothing more than several small city states. In 1880, the United Federation of Pi was established as a federation. However, in 1940, a man named Multiplicitus conspired to turn the Federation into a monarchy and crowned himself King of the Federation. The people of the Federation rebelled against him, and Multiplicitus was banished from the UFP forever. The leaders of all the towns agreed to convert the Federation to a Republic, and in 1943, Monn Nomial became the UFP's first president. In order to keep the presidency from becoming another monarchy, a president can only be in office for ten years.

In 2013, Jared Awesome, Vice President under John Smithywerben, became President. However, seconds after his innaguration, Mr. Tool Penguin's Tux-Bot marched onto Pi City as planned, and blew up all the nations in the Sea of Speakonia. The UFP was affected the worst, due to the device being within in its boundaries. About 7% of its population survived, but due to unusual circumstances involving two universes undergoing armegeddon (the other was an exact duplicate of the viewers' world), the two worlds merged into one, and thus the Republic of Louisiana was formed.

Notable Recent Events

January 22- Declared war on Moo Empire and Republic of Trollolia

February 12- Discontinued ban on and resumed importation of IWAY Cookies

March 14- Pi Day; Election Day

April 1- Innaguration Day; Apocolypse

Notable People

Former President John Smithywerben

President Jared Awesome

Vice President Marvin "Mea" Gusta

Former Pres. Lol Lollingsworth

DOTR President Microsoft Sam

Radar Overseer Scotty

Microsoft Mike

Microsoft Mary

Microsoft Anna

Sergeant Lawl, UFP Linux Penguin Militia Tux McUbuntux

Notable Cities

Pi City (Capital)

Cooper's Town (Largest)

Port Genevieve

Port Brochis Splendens

Pleco Island


Music of the TTS World - United Federation of Pi-001:57

Music of the TTS World - United Federation of Pi-0

Map and Surrounding Nations

Sea of speakonia

The Sea of Speakonia




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