Upon receiving hateful comments from closed-minded Youtube users, a set of unofficial rules were created by Akriloth2160 in order to combat this demographic. The rules list has since spread to many other channels with minor variations. The rules list is now no longer on Akriloth2160's channel description, due to the increasingly-vague definition of "constructive criticism" in combination with the youtube channel layout's temporary character limit.

General examples

  • Constructive criticism only
  • No stealing things without permission (This is prevented because of channel intros, watermarks, etc.)
  • There is no rule (Insert number) (This rule is a reference to the sketch Bruces from Monty Python's Flying Circus, which was also referenced in Akriloth2160's original version of the rules list when the phrase, "No poofters" was repeated throughout the rules list)
  • No trolling (You will be exterrminated if you do that)
  • No spamming or making messages a spam