The War In Tetrana (On YouTube as Microsoft Sam and the War in Tetrana) will be a six episode series involving Tetrana and a war between Microsoft Sam and the gang against the Corpas Lulz Brigade and Cordais Soviet Lulz Brigade, Two terrorist factions that allied with each other sometime before the war.

ScriptWriters (So Far)

  • ER88
  • TTSMaster23
  • AT88TV
  • TRM

Characters Appearing (Put your name here if you want to appear)


ER88 (Callsign: Hellfire)

Microsoft sam

Microsoft Mike

Microsoft Mary,

Dimitri Kalashinov

Nikolai Savasky

96crisadi (Callsign: Striker)

AT88TV (Adult Male #1 UK) (Callsign: Majesty)

Anichik (Adult Female #1, highest pitch) (Callsign: Luna)

Comedydan21 (Adult Male #3 USA, Normal Voice Pitch) (Callsign: Big Danny)

TRM (Adult Male #7, USA, Medium Pitch) (Callsign Hawkeye Boof)

EASlol (Adult Male #3, High Pitched) (Callsign: Hunter)

Scottyvich Kalashinov


Ho Chi-Meh

Dimitri Shepard

Episode 1: Brewing Hostilities

In Tetrana, it is peaceful until several Terrorists From the CLB attack BaiNow International Airport with Nikolai Savasky in there. Is Tetrana Falling into a wartime situation?

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