The War Trilogy is a series of videos created by Thunderbirds101 depicting three major conflicts on Earth 2. Each series consists of six videos. The first series involved a war in the Republic of My, the second a war in the ROFL Island Chain, and the third a war to end all wars.

Series 1 - The War in the Republic of My

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A civil war erupts in the Republic of My after the country is split in two by democrats and communists. The war eventually spills out across Earth 2 and the ROFL Way Galaxy, as Microsoft Sam and his gang fight the supernatural entity responsible for instigating the war. This war began in July 2011 and ended in October 2011.

Series 2 - The War in the ROFL Island Chain

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Four months following the conclusion of the war in the Republic of My, conflict brews again after a splinter faction of the USSR joins with North Koroflia and invades the ROFL Island Chain. Microsoft Sam and his allies do battle against the communists, but the war takes a dramatic turn several days in following the reconstruction of an enemy destroyed four months prior. This war began in February 2012 and concluded with Operation Downfall days later.

Series 3 - The Great Final War

The Great Final War Poster

Taking place immediately after the conclusion of the war in the ROFL Island Chain, The Great Final War begins after Operation Downfall eradicates 95% of Earth 2's inhabitants. Microsoft Sam and his remaining allies, the Speakonian Rebels, wage a desperate battle against The Supreme AI and the Communist Linux Penguin Army. This war began immediately after Operation Downfall and ended days later with the botched Operation Oblivion.

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