The War for Earth 2 (or as it is known on Youtube: The Super ROFLCopter Squad and the war for Earth 2) is a six-episode TTS film that is the fourth of a six-movie anthology (which in turn is the midpoint of an anthology trio), focusing on the rise and downfall of the Machine of War.


Episode 1

The Speakonia Civilians are just eating dinner, when they suddenly notice a tank nearing the house. It fires two rounds at the wall, boring massively large holes into the house. The tank then reveals itself as the Machine of War and chaos. He tells them that he and Devil's Hell Star are looking for Radar Overseer Scotty (who was forced to retreat during the Wave of Destruction). They find him, But Scotty manages to get away. While they search, The remaining Speakonia Civilians converse over what has happened, then talk about how Scotty is the missions coordinator for the Super ROFLCopter Squad, and it's leader Chuck Norris. The team heads to LOLbany in LOL York to see if he is there.

This episode was released on November 19th 2012.

Episode 2

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