As the conflict in the War in the Minecraft Republic (by EASlol) drifts away, a new war in AfgLOListan begins. AfgLOListan signs a treaty to divide the land into two nations: North AfgLOListan and South AfgLOListan. Hours after the signing of the treaty, the Soviet Lulz Brigade begins to retaliate towards North AfgLOListan. Eventually, in KaLULZ, the capital of North AfgLOListan, there is an assault at the main terminal where thousands of civilians die. The war series has been taken down due to Operation Downfall. There will be, however, a prequel to Thunderbirds101's Great Final War, made by AT88TV, The Microsoft Sam Movie.

Confirmed Characters

  1. Microsoft Sam
  2. Microsoft Mike
  3. Microsoft Mary
  4. Radar Overseer Scotty
  5. Scottyvich Baloneykov
  6. The Supreme AI
  7. AT88TV
  8. TTSMaster23
  9. Pieboy6000
  10. EASlol
  11. Therobloxmegaguy
  12. Thunderbirds101
  13. Daxter5150
  14. SMGReturns


Episode 1- Completed

Episode 2- Completed

Episode 3- Not done

Episode 4- Not done

Episode 5- Not done

Episode 6- Not done

Episode 1

The signing between North and South AfLOListan takes place. Immediatley after, a group of about 5 gunmen entered the basketball court, murdering countless civillians. Al Makov, the former AfLOListan president was the first one to be murdered. After the area was cleared, a time bomb was planted on one of the basket's hoops. Meanwhile, Microsoft Sam, Mike, Mary, and Scotty were resting at their beach house in LOLtulco, when suddenly they see a fleet of about 6 OMG jets fly by. They are from the Soviet LULZ Brigade. Microsoft Sam calls AT88TV on Scotty's iPhone 4S, despite the fact there was scarce LOLT&T coverage in the area. AT88TV then sends in over 9000 WTF Trains and a couple of other OMG jets, and they are successfully taken down. The Supreme AI, with the help of the remains of the Soviet LULZ Brigade, marched on to the South, at LOLize. Three radar stations were taken down within 15 minutes. Afterward, the Supreme AI headed down to the ROFL Island Chain to prepare the seconds phase of retaliation towards AfLOListan. Countless civillians were murdered by the Supreme AI's OMGbots. Meanwhile, Microsoft Sam and his crew flew down to LOL York City to the LOL F. Kennedy Airport and took off to KaLULZ, in AfLOListan, using the AV ROFL 4 Battleship.

Episode 2

Microsoft Sam and company crash land in the nearest island from the LOLsian Gulf, which is St. LOLtin, at Princess JuliLOLna International Airport. They are eventually safe. They face themselves with the Supreme AI, who is finding the Sacred Gem of LULZ. She needs it back by the 14th of January, or they will face Operation Electromagnetic Doom again.

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