The Wiki Constitution, previously known as the Microsoft Sam and His Fellow Text-to-Speech Wiki Basic Law, is a set of laws that defines for the ethics and norms of administrators, users, contributors, supporters and watchers.


In response to recent user conflicts on the Microsoft Sam and his Fellow TTS Voices Wiki, the Basic Law shall be reformed into a full Constitution.

Article I. Bureaucrats and Administrators

Section I.

Administrative powers are granted to one (1) bureaucrat and a maximum of five (5) administrators at one time.

Section II.

The one (1) bureaucrat maintains absolute control over the entire Wiki. The bureaucrat may add new laws to the Constitution at will, and may veto any decision put forward by the administrators. The bureaucrat holds power for life, special circumstances notwithstanding. If it is determined the bureaucrat is unfit for control, or is discovered to be engaging in abuse of power, the bureaucrat must resign or will be permanently blocked.

Section III.

The five (5) administrators maintain full control of the wiki, excluding the abilities to grant other users administrative powers. Admins may also block users without the consent of the bureaucrat under the following conditions:

i) The bureaucrat is absent from the website; ii) The offending user is engaging in behavior that may harm the wiki if not stopped.

Section IV.

The bureaucrat and the administrators are subject to all rules and regulations put in place in the Constitution without exception.

Article II. Rules, Regulations, and Punishments

Section I.

A) Articles must be written in clear, fluent English. Articles that fail to meet this basic regulation will be subject to immediate deletion by any of the administrators or the bureaucrat.

B) The soliciting and posting of the personal information of any user is prohibited. Users caught soliciting or posting such material (photos, addresses, phone numbers) will be permanently banned without warning.

C) Disrespect of any user is prohibited. Disrespecting a user anywhere on the Wiki by posting insulting, hurtful, or malicious comments (Chat, article comments, etc.) will result in the blocking of the offending user for three (3) days. A second offense will result in the block time increased to two weeks, with the third offense resulting in a three (3) month block.

D) Vandalism (defacing Wiki pages) is prohibited. Users caught engaging in this act will receive a minimum three (3) day ban up to a maximum one (1) year ban.

E) The use of excessive profanity is prohibited on all pages, and is punishable by a three (3) day block.

F) The uploading of copyrighted materials to the Wiki is prohibited. All images are required to have a license upon upload to indicate the copyright status. Images without such licenses must have licenses added or the image will be removed for legal reasons. Persons who repeatedly upload copyrighted materials without permission shall be blocked for one (1) week.

G) Spamming the Wiki Chat or the Forums with incomprehensible text is prohibited. Spamming the chat will result in a one (1) week ban from the Wiki and a permanent ban from the Chat.

H) Hate speech is prohibited. Uploading or typing comments or Wiki pages with hate speech will result in a permanent ban.

I) If a flame war breaks out between two or more users on the Wiki, the administrators and the bureaucrat shall immediately suppress the conflict by issuing twenty-four (24) hour bans to all users involved.

J) Requesting errors for Thunderbirds101's Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors series is prohibited. Users that engage in such acts shall be blocked for twenty-four (24) hours.

K) Threatening a user shall result in a permanent ban for the user uttering the threats.

L) Plagiarism (the act of copying and pasting text and claiming it as your own) is prohibited and will result in a one (1) year ban.

M) Evading a ban on the Wiki by creating another account is prohibited. If caught once, the offending user shall be banned for two (2) months. If caught again, the user shall be permanently banned.

N) Creating articles with minimal content, without the intention of adding any more, is prohibited. Users guilty shall be sentenced to a two (2) hour block. Repeat offenses shall increase if the administrators see fit.

O) Administrators found to be in abuse of their powers shall have their privileges immediately revoked with no chance to regain them. Depending on the level of abuse, the offending administrator shall be banned for three (3) days, one (1) week, or one (1) month.

P) Violating Wikia's Terms of Service will result in a minimum one (1) month ban, with the maximum penalty of a permanent ban.

Article III. Selecting new administrators

Section I.

As indicated in Article I, Section I, there may be a maximum of up to four administrators at any given time. For a user to become an administrator, the user must be endorsed by all administrators and the bureaucrat. The process will then proceed to a vote where all users on the Wiki shall vote to approve the new administrator.

Section II.

If there are two or more nominees, the vote will become a competition between the multiple candidates. The users of the Wiki shall vote for their preferred candidate for the administrator position, and the nominee that receives the most votes shall become an administrator.

Section III.

The bureaucrat may veto any nomination or vote should flame wars erupt or similar incidents occur over the nomination.


With the enactment of this Constitution, it is hoped that future conflicts on the Wiki can be settled and we can establish a lasting peace.