The Yuri Brotherhood is a terrorist faction that harnesses the power of Psychic Energy to do terrible things. Their leader is Yuri

The Yuri Brotherhood
CC yuri symbol
The Flag Of The Yuri Brotherhood



Faction Population:

Estimated Over 30 Million




The Brotherhood Of Nod, Global Defense Initiative, The Scrin, Communist Linux Penguin Army


The Brotherhood came into being in late 2010. As the USSR underwent a leadership transition (From Josef Stlolin to Pieboy), Yuri's initial plan for world domination via mind control turned on its head with Stlolin's removal from power. As a result, he went into hiding, establish a HQ in the Pacific Ocean and slowly building up his forces, of various tanks, air vehicles, and psychic-powered infantry. Not only did he do this, he also developed two extremely dangerous weapons: the Psychic Dominator and the Genetic Mutator. The former would eventually be used in the Psychic Dominator disaster. On August 5, 2013, Yuri performed a terrorist attack on Loldon. As this occurred, his forces took over Lolcatraz Island in Soi Francisco, where a Psychic Dominator was built, then disabled when a crashing Roflican Jet hit the power plant nearby. Though a hinderance, this eventually worked out for Yuri. The power plant was eventually repaired, but as it activated, GDI fired its Ion Cannon at full power onto the Dominator. The resulting reaction of Psychic Energy and Ionic Tiberium used within the Ion Cannon caused an extreme explosion, levelling the whole city. The blast almost killed Microsoft Sam and Microsoft Mike, and annihilated Lolcatraz island, killing everyone on it almost instantly.

Despite these victories, Yuri's grand plan took a very bad turn. The Brotherhood of Nod, a rival faction, revealed themselves using a false Yuri base to activate a Liquid Tiberium Bomb with GDI's Ion Cannon. The resulting blast was large enough to attract the Scrin Harvesting Fleet, and the fallout from the Tiberium blast spread worldwide. With the aliens invading, most of Yuri's Psychic attacks were nullified, especially as the Scrin destroyed Psychic Dominators as they did everything they saw. Yuri's final act was a nuclear bomb in Rio de Jalolro, which eliminated a large amount of various Minecraftian, Loltish and Roflican militaries. Yuri was sealed underground when the blast occurred, and it is unknown what became of him and his brotherhood following the event.

Victory/Defeat Themes (Created by EASlol)

Yuri Brotherhood Victory Theme00:15

Yuri Brotherhood Victory Theme

Yuri Brotherhood Defeat Theme00:31

Yuri Brotherhood Defeat Theme

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