Threshold Tower

Threshold-10 in Lolbania, towering high during its construction.

Threshold Towers are giant, curving towers of unknown purpose constructed by the Scrin in the Tiberium War. Not very much is known about them, and with the departure of the Scrin, it is likely that the real purpose of the towers will never be known. It is believed they may have a portal to an otherworldly place based on observations after the Battle for Threshold-19, though this is just speculation. Only a single Threshold Tower remains on Earth 2.

Due to the phase-shifting technology of the Scrin towers, the last remaining Threshold Tower on Earth 2 survived the Reset and still stands in Sarajevo.

There were 19 Threshold Towers on Earth 2, however only one remains. The towers were positioned at:

Threshold-01 - Bucharest, Lolmania, European Red Zone (Destroyed)

Threshold-02 - N'Dyamena, Chad, African Red Zone (Destroyed)

Threshold-03 - Buenos Aires, Argentina, South American Red Zone (Destroyed)

Threshold-04 - Santiago, Chile, South American Red Zone (Destroyed)

Threshold-05 - Athens, Greece, European Yellow Zone (Destroyed)

Threshold-06 - Rome, Italy, European Yellow Zone (Destroyed)

Threshold-07 - Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Asian Red Zone (Destroyed)

Threshold-08 - Australian Outback, Australia, Australian Red Zone (Destroyed)

Threshold-09 - Abuja, Nigeria, African Red Zone (Destroyed)

Threshold-10 - Tirana, Albania, European Red Zone (Destroyed)

Threshold-11 - Petrovinska, Destari, Atlantic Red Zone (Destroyed)

Threshold-12 - Ürümqi, China, Asian Red Zone (Destroyed)

Threshold-13 - San Francisco, United States of America, Californian Red Zone (Destroyed)

Threshold-14 - Islamabad, Pakistan, Asian Red Zone (Destroyed)

Threshold-15 - Bangui, Central African Republic, African Red Zone (Destroyed)

Threshold-16 - Budapest, Hungary, European Red Zone (Destroyed)

Threshold-17 - Astana, Kazahkstan, Deep Asian Yellow Zone (Destroyed)

Threshold-18 - Turzingrad, Destari, Atlantic Red Zone (Destroyed)

Threshold-19 - Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, European Red Zone (Standing)

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