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Tigerclaw64 (born May 7, 2001) is a respected TTS video maker and artist from Arizona. She is known for her Microsoft Sam comics on deviantART as well. She has a huge interest in tornado sirens. She enjoys comedies and comedians, her favorite comedians being: Lewis Black, Kathleen Madigan, and Gabriel Iglesias. She creates comics of Microsoft Sam and the gang on DeviantArt and videos on Youtube. Tigerclaw64 is mainly active on Tumblr and Instagram these days.

Tigerclaw64 is most active on DeviantArt and Youtube during the summer break.

How it started:

She made her YouTube account on Oct. 21, 2011, she posted two videos of her two cats several days afterwards. Her account only had 1 subscriber for around a year until she saw her first TTS video, made by Thunderbirds101. After watching TTS videos and looking at the TTS wiki, she made her first TTS and third tornado siren video. That video only got some views, but more than her cat videos got. She decided to make some more TTS videos. She decided to give her Microsoft characters a humanoid design since a bunch of concepts of Sam are stick figures.

Episodes of "Microsoft Sam's adventures"

1.) Microsoft Sam's adventures S1E1

2.) Microsoft Sam TRIES to learn karate S1E2

3.) Microsoft Sam's adventures S1E3

4.) Microsoft Sam's adventures S1E4

5.) Microsoft Sam's adventures S1E5

6.) Microsoft Sam's adventures S1E6 Doctor Who spoof

7.) Microsoft Sam's adventures S1E7 Thinkin about the past

8.) Microsoft Sam's adventures S1E8 Scotty annoys Sam

9.) Microsoft Sam's adventures S1E9

10.) 100 Subscriber special

11.) Microsoft Sam's adventures S1E10

12.) S2E1 Microsoft Sam's adventures, reading funny signs

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