TimvanIconer101 is a respected TTS video maker from Moscow, Russia, making him the first Russian TTS rival


Born on:

October 30, 2001 in Moscow, Russia

Active since:

2012, started making FWE on February 7th, continued after a hiatus on September 26th


Thunderbirds101, WSAM0TV, Kylie Minogue, Madonna, AceofSpadesProduc100, nkrs200, others.


NoAGK24 (AT2, or STGAC), Usuckbro200, CaptainBusiness67 (for ripping off Thunderbirds101), Justin Bieber (for singing like a girl), Rebecca Black (seriously, she's a bitch) and others...

TTS Universe birth:

August 16th, 1998 in Lol City, MichROFLigan.

of Thunderbirds101.

He was one of the youngest TTS video makers and he continued the Microsoft Sam series, currently aiming for the release of Microsoft Sam reads Engrish on October 24th, and for Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors (S2EP5) on November 1st.

He also plays Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program. His videos were firstly with almost no views, then they receive up to 300 views in a lifetime. He came back as TimvanIconer101TV to the Wiki.

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