TinyMarioUltra is a TTS video maker. He had a series, called Microsoft Sam reads Ridiculous Windows Errors, but he cancelled it after the 2nd season.

As a character in the TTS universe

Tiny (transparent)
TinyMarioUltra, as seen in the series finale of MS Sam reads Ridiculous Windows Errors

TTS voice:

Adult Male #1 - American English


Running the TinyMarioUltra TV Studios and being the boss of Radar Overseer Robert

Preceded by:


Succeeded by:



Alive, 2nd Life




Mutant Ninja Tacos, Radar Overseer Robert, Sam, Mike, Mary, Radar Overseer Scotty


All enemies featured in the series

He is a character within his own TTS continuum as well. In his previous life, he was called BlittleMcNilsen, and during that time, he swapped between being a protagonist to an antagonist, then back to a protagonist, and then back to an antagonist. Towards the end of his first life, he transformed into Linux Shitsta, intending to destroy all TTS civilization, but he was defeated and killed by Microsoft Sam. When this happened, the good part of Shitsta's soul leftover from before his transformation split away from the evil part and reincarnated into an entirely new being called TinyMarioUltra. TinyMarioUltra remembered nothing about his past life, but found that he had a strange interest in the BlittleMcNilsen TV Studios (presumably some kind of odd residual Deja-Vu type thing leftover from his past life). He bought the Studios and became in charge of them. More info about this can be found on the Radar Overseer Robert and Microsoft Sam reads Ridiculous Windows Errors#Season One articles, as the article topic is too lazy to actually add that info into this page as well.

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