Tolqin Morius
Tolqin, March 2013


4728 Yuhajin Day Cycles (Approx. 26 Years Old)


The Datari Empire, Yuhajin




Earth 2

The United Lols of Roflica

Microsoft Sam

The Zefani Council

Zefani Interstellar Armed Forces

First Lieutenant Tolqin Morius is a Zefani Warrior who was met by Microsoft Sam in Microsoft Sam and the Galactic War. He, like few other Zefanis, has a birth defect which is notable by the colour of his pincers. The dark green colouring indicated an excess of muscle. Though it is a birth defect, it is considered a great honour in Zefani society, making Tolqin one of the few warriors to be honoured in this fashion.

Though he is a warrior, he is also good at operating ship systems, as he was commanding a console during the destruction of the USS Radar Overseer Mk2 at the hands of a Reaper.

After the Galactic War, Tolqin settled down on Earth 2, particularly in Lols Angeles, and travelled worldwide seeing the vast amount of different Human cultures. He was called back to duty by Sam however during Microsoft Sam and the Gatherers to partake in a highly dangerous mission.

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