Treehouse of Horror: Legacy (2017) is a banned TTS film made by truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017. It's the first ever feature film released by truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 Animation, Platinum Spike, Horror Bus Pictures, Stranger Films and GX Productions. It is also the first entry in the Planet truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 franchise. The film was released on October 27, 2017. The Roadshow Cut was released on October 31, 2017. The Final Cut was accidentally released on November 1, 2017 nearly 2 hours after The Roadshow Cut. A TV cut of the movie premiered on truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 Television on October 27, 2017.


The film was planned since mid-to-late October 2016 which lead to truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 announcing the film in early February of the same year. Filming of the movie began on February 2017 and ended on July 2017. In addition to the trailer, truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 created a 30 second commercial advertising the movie which was released on his YouTube page on March 16, 2017. The director's cut of "Treehouse of Horror: Legacy" was originally scheduled to be released on October 31, 2017. truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 would then announce on October 31st that one of the 2 cuts of the movie will be released titled "Roadshow Cut" and "Final Cut".


truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 has stated his own personal thoughts on developing these characters. "He is a very complex character. He's basically nothing more than a much more angry version of himself. He felt like the movie probably would've failed if he never included it." - Microsoft Zira, 2017


It takes place 2 years after the events of episode 5 on "That's the Worst, Worst, Worst, Worst, Treehouse of Horror!" truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 returns to review bad games. Those games would include The Murder Mystery & Mayhem (PC), Max Payne (2001) (Original XBOX), Max Payne 2 (Original XBOX), Max Payne 2 Demo (PC), and Max Payne 3 (PS3). This leads to him calling Microsoft Zira asking for help. truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 then convinces Microsoft Zira to continue uploading videos as it only happened 1 time. He discovers that the channel seems to be in good shape however, the hackers struck again in the text window reading "YOU'RE NEXT!" He desperately tries to find a way to keep Microsoft Zira from finding out. Eventually, truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 finds out what happened and tells Microsoft Zira to back up his videos and that he's shutting down the channel down. He refused. Microsoft Zira then feels betrayed and walks out on truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017. Few hours later after the argument, he apologizes for her behavior. Microsoft Zira then forgives him but doesn't know what to do next. As for the scene where truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 and Microsoft Sam having a freakout about doing his reaction to Five Nights at Sesame Street FNAF trailer but then they made both of them cried. "Well, STOP HAVING A FREAKOUT OR ELSE I WILL KILL YOU !*&*S!!!!!" says truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 very angrily and he got raged and got triggered.

Original Plans

  1. Microsoft Zira told Microsoft Anna that truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 stole peoples ideas and had a freakout. Microsoft Anna interrupts and side swipes truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 after he stole peoples ideas and had a freakout.
  2. Later, truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 got recovered from his death and got a new house.
  3. Microsoft Zira told Microsoft Anna that truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 got side swiped by her, got recovered from his death and apologized to him.


  1. Max Hurt: Danger and Consequences (intro)
  1. Nightmare
  2. truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 - Chunk Thud
  3. truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 - DL Glitch
  4. truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 - Side Swiped
  5. truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 - truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017's Freakout Remix
  6. truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 - Low Tearout
  7. truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 - You Shittin' Me
  8. truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 - truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017's Defeat Remix
  9. truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 - truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017's Triggered Remix
  10. truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 - Fuck This
  11. truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 - The End
  12. Kevin MacLeod - Undaunted
  13. Kevin MacLeod - The Descent
  14. Kevin MacLeod - The Escalation
  15. Kevin MacLeod - Welcome to Horrorland
  16. Health - Future (outro)
  17. Health - Pain (outro)
  18. Health - Tears (outro, Roadshow and Final Cut only)


The film has received critical acclaim from truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 fans. The film has an average of 4.0 stars out of 5.

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Videos and Gallery

Treehouse of Horror- Legacy - New Teaser Trailer01:08

Treehouse of Horror- Legacy - New Teaser Trailer

Treehouse-of-horror-legacy-the-2nd-movie-poster orig
Treehouse-of-horror-legacy-title-yt-banner-3 orig
Treehouse-of-horror-legacy-title-yt-banner-2 orig
Treehouse of Horror- Legacy - Roadshow Trailer02:09

Treehouse of Horror- Legacy - Roadshow Trailer

Treehouse of Horror- Legacy - Final Teaser Trailer00:46

Treehouse of Horror- Legacy - Final Teaser Trailer

Treehouse of Horror- Legacy - Roadshow Television Spot01:01

Treehouse of Horror- Legacy - Roadshow Television Spot

Top 10 Moments from Treehouse of Horror- Legacy09:12

Top 10 Moments from Treehouse of Horror- Legacy

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