Tricky Towers

Picture of the Tricky Towers. Yeah we know it looks like the Original World Trade Center but is not.

The Tricky Towers are towers that were built by TrickyMario7654. On top of the first tower are transmitters. They first appeared in S1 Ep4 of Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors by TrickyMario7654. The North Tower is the third Tallest Building at 1,727 ft. (Behind The Thunderbird Tower which is 1,730 ft) They are in the Republic of Roblox.

Floor Plan (Tower One)

  • Floor 1 - Lobby
  • Floors 2-10 - Offices
  • Floors 11-35 - Planning Rooms
  • Floor 36 - Restaurant
  • Floors 37-70 - More Offices
  • Floor 71 - Financial floor
  • Floors 72-109 - Yet More Offices
  • Floor 110 - Transmitter Facilities maintenance room and trackers of Wanted People (Off Limits to the Public)
  • Floor 111 (Rooftop) - Emergency Helipad and Antenna (Off Limits to the Public, Expect in Emergencies)

Floor Plan (Tower Two)

  • Floor 1 - Lobby
  • Floors 2-25 - Offices
  • Floor 26 - Major Planning room
  • Floors 27-75 - More Offices
  • Floor 76 - Restaurant
  • Floors 77-109 - Yet More Offices
  • Floor 110 - Fire Station
  • Floor 111 (Rooftop) - Observation Deck

TV Stations

Coming Soon.

Attacks on the Tower

None for now.

Accidents and Incidents

  • July 25 2010 - During a car show, someone steals a car and starts a 45 minute long car chase with the police. Then the stolen car drives down a alleyway and hits a slope and flys into a billboard Adverting "American Airlines" and then hits the North tower between Floors 15 and 17 ripping a massive hole in the tower. The driver is unhurt and was arrested by police. But 5 people died after getting crushed by the car and 2 people are injured. Tricky later states "This is a very idiotic act by a citizen. The North Tower is closed for two weeks. The thief was scented to 2 years in jail.


  • Both Towers opened on September 12, 2009.

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