The Republic of Trollolia


2,258 (Pre-Apocalypse)

0 (Post-Apocalypse)

Capital & Largest City


Other Cities



The Game

Government Type





Comic Sans


"I am so Happy Because I am Finally Returning Back Home" by Eduard Khil


UFP, United Moo Republic, Taco Republic, United Speakonian Soviet Republic, Drew Land


UFP (occaisonally), Moo Empire (disestablished)

The Republic of Trollolia, referred to as simply Trollolia, is a small nation east of The United Federation of Pi and one of the four countries in the Sea of Speakonia. It has only two cities, Astleyville and Trolol, and one airport, the Eduard Khil International Airport. Their current president is Comic Sans.

Interesting Sights

Eduard Khil International Airport, Trolol

Eduard Khil Memorial,Trolol

Capitol Building, Trolol

Rick Astley Memorial, Astleyville

Port UMADBRO, Astleyville

Role in the War of the Moo Empire

(See: Microsoft Sam and The War in The United Federation of Pi)

Trollolia initially sided with the Moo Empire at the beginning of the war, but following the Battle of Trolol, the small nation realigned itself with the UFP. In the Treaty of Port Brochis Splendens, Trollolia agreed to lose all trade connections with the UFP if it attacked the UFP.

2013 Apocalypse

In April 2013, Mr. Tool Penguin's Tux-Bot marched onto Pi City and blew up all the nations in the Sea of Speakonia. Trollolia was hit the second worst. Less than 1% of its population survived.

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