truTVAndBillyOnTheStreetFanatic 2017 (born on January 13, 2005) is a male TTS video maker/producer.


In August 2016, he first started using Windows Movie Maker. He also first started on YouTube in August 2016. Second, he was off YouTube on September 7, 2016. Then he started YouTube again in October 2016. As of February 2017, he has over 50 subscribers on YouTube and still counting. As of June 13, 2017, he also has over 100 subscribers. He still likes staying home with Grandma because he hates going anywhere with his parents. As of March 2017, he started doing a new show called “That’s the Worst Worst Worst Worst Treehouse of Horror”. He is currently working with himself to produce Treehouse of Horror: The Beginning and Treehouse of Horror: Legacy. He also works as the Sound Director.


His current/upcoming movies & shows:

Treehouse of Horror: The Beginning

The 666 Team

Treehouse of Horror: Legacy (Director's Cut, Roadshow Cut, Final Cut and the Television Cut)

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