Tsiklon is a supercomputer, the founder of Virussia, and the universal master of malware responsible for the creation of every piece of malicious software in the universe. He is characterized as possessing abilities similar to the Supreme AI, but not as powerful overall. However, he possesses extraordinary hacking abilities, far beyond those of the Supreme AI. Consequently, his mind-altering abilities have permanent effects; there is no cure for people who have had their minds corrupted by this entity. He is the secondary antagonist in the 2014 reboot of The Great Final War, taking over the role from Commander Ubuntux.

The Great Final War

Tsiklon first appeared when he was confronted by Mr. Information Robot Mark V on Soiturranna. He introduced himself to the robot before promptly using his signature malware, the Troyanet, to destroy the robot. Tsiklon pledged allegiance to the Supreme AI and offered assistance. The machine escorted a Communist Linux Penguin Army force to Cryomir for mining operations. When a force of Speakonian Rebels arrived, Tsiklon unleashed his malware on the group after Rooster's very poor choice of words. Consequently, Hacker, Shadow, Rooster, Taco, and Bacon pledged allegiance to the Supreme AI and the Communist Linux Penguin Army, their minds now controlled by Tsiklon.

Tsiklon orders his new found allies to hunt down and eliminate Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, James Rofl, and the Rofl Robot. James Rofl was assassinated by Hacker. However, Sam used an EMP grenade to cripple Hacker before killing the rogue agent with a gunshot to the head. Sam then killed Rooster with a gunshot to the head.

At that moment, Bacon's mind control wore off, allowing Sam and the team to capture rogue agents Shadow and Taco.

Tsiklon used his elite hacking abilities again during a surprise attack on Soiturranna, taking permanent mind control over the planet's inhabitants.

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