Turkey is a country that is on the border with Europe and Asia. The capital is Ankara and the country has a population of 73,628,622.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
TurkLOL Flag
The Turkish Flag


Abdullah Gül

Free or Occupied?



Great Britain, United States of America, France, Bulgaria, Germany, European Union, Republic of My, South Korea, The Empire of The Rising Sun , China, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Greece, Italy, Spain, Hungary


The Soviet Lulz Brigade, North Korea

The country has poor relations with Israel following an Israeli siege on an aid flotilla near the Gaza Strip in 2010, in which ten citizens of Turkey were killed.

2012 Siege of Ankara

On May 11, 2012, while under occupation by the Ottomans, Minecraftian, Vietnamese, British and Russian forces assaulted Ankara to release the controls under Ottoman control. As forces pushed through, a portal opened and High Charity crashed into Ankara, releasing flood into the city. After a long fight, the forces eventually prevailed. After much fighting, the USSR's high tech weaponry and machinery pushed through the flood forces, eliminating many of them.

USSR scouting machines moved into High Charity, eliminating flood resistance with their heat rays. They approached the very core of High Charity, and fired their heat rays upon it, alerting everyone to evacuate Ankara, as they were giving their lives to destroy High Charity. After all forces had evacuated Ankara, the men shouted one last "Ura!". As they did this, a large light was emitted from High Charity, before it exploded in a fireball, eliminating almost all flood forces in the area, the rest of which were killed by ground forces. Most of Ankara was unfortunately destroyed in the explosion.


  • Ankara
  • Istanbul
  • Adana
  • Van
  • Kars
250px-Turkey location map.svg


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