A typical squad of Tux Clones.

The Tux Clones are clones of Tux, the mascot and leader of the Linux Forces. The Tux clones are the main infantry troops of the Linux Army, typically wielding OMG-44 Machine Guns and occasionally being used to operate Atomic WTF Bombs. Prior to the defeat of Steve Ballmer and the second Windows Vista Creation Factory, the Tux Clones were led by the original Tux, who used his Linux forces, allied with Ballmer's Vista forces, to attempt to inflict ultimate torture on the world. After Tux was killed, Microsoft Anna became Linux Anna and took command of the Tux Clones. They took up residence in her secret base on Mars 2, and were later led by Linux Anna in an ultimate assault against Earth 2 and the Microsoft voices.

They are notably similar to the CLPA, however their relationship with the CLPA is not known.

Notable Tux Clones

  • Tux: The original Tux was the template that the clones were cloned from. He was formerly the leader of the Linux Army, but was killed when he accidentally got caught in the blast from his own Atomic WTF Bomb at the Windows Vista Creation Factory 2.
  • Linux Ninja Master: Linux Ninja Master was formerly a Tux Clone who led the Linux Ninjas, which served under Linux Anna. However, he has now been turned into a "retarded chicken thing" by Wonka0111 . He eventually recovered from this attack, but in his next encounter with the video creator, he was turned into the stupidest-looking penguin in the universe. He was next seen helping to rescue Linux Diarrhanna from the Wonka0111 Asteroid Fortress, only to be caught by Microsoft Geezer and Colonel Ramirez .
  • Captain Tux: Captain Tux is the captain of the Linux Pirates, also serving under Linux Anna. He and Linux Ninja Master are rivals, and since he is a pirate, he likes stealing gold and valuables from his rival. Apparently he stole all of the money from the other Tux Clones and attempted to use it to buy over 9000 shmexy pr0nz website subscriptions, but accidentally got them replaced with Smack Sea Prawns. He teased Linux Ninja Master upon the latter's transformation by Wonka0111, but was also turned into a stupid-looking penguin as well during their second confrontation with Wonka0111. He was likewise caught and imprisoned on the Asteroid Fortress alongside Linux Ninja Master, where he was then bombarded with more Smack Sea Prawns to keep him from escaping.
  • Tux Clone #29008732: This was a random Tux Clone who was the star of a mini-Stupid Signs video within the video "Microsoft Mike's Space Adventure Episode 6." Here, he attempted to get to a Linux Party with the other Tux Clones. He later appeared again attempting to rescue Linux Diarrhanna along with Captain Tux and Linux Ninja Master, only to be imprisoned in the Wonka0111 Asteroid Fortress. He tried to help his master escape once again, only to have been thwarted by Radar Overseer Scotty.

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