USSR's Hammer

The USSR's Hammer, on a test run in the icy coast.

The USSR's Hammer, designed by scientists and built by engineers of Minecraft, is the sister ship of the skybreaker, and was built specifically for the USSR. Enchanced with some of the USSR's newest weapon systems, it has taken it's place as the 2nd most powerful airship in the sky, beaten only by the Skybreaker. It can hold around 500 people on board at once. It is also equipped with a cloaking mechanism.


  • Laser assault cannon (Seen at the front of the image)
  • Light laser gun (Under the main assault cannon)
  • SAM Turrets
  • Explosive diarrhea cannons (Seen on the image)
  • 2 Rocket launchers, with 4 rockets each
  • The Ender hatch
  • Main bombing hatch
  • 2 Tactical nuclear bomb firing mechanisms


  • Pieboy6000 (Commander)
  • EASlol (Second-in-Command)
  • Tactic Advisor Nikolai
  • Radar Overseer/Battle Advisor Bob

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