The USS Radar Overseer during the Galactic War

The USS Radar Overseer is a small ship that was commandeered by Microsoft Sam and his companions, but during the war in the Rofl Island Chain it crash landed on Loltartica and was totaled. Thanks to Minecraftian Scientists, it was remade into a Defiant class starship that was given to The Republic of My. It was upgraded just before the Galactic War by Russian, Roflican and Minecraftian scientists.

It's latest design was destroyed by a Reaper following the events at Yuhajin in the Galactic War.

Design Schematics (original)

Barren G. Rofl led the design architectural teams in the building of the first USS Radar Overseer, and was used in the last war before the birth of the Communist Linux Penguin Army, but was decommissioned after it was noted that Rofl used illegally modified pistons to power the inner ventilation systems, and he spent one month in custody for using such devices.

Use by Microsoft Sam and his allies

The ROFL Robot noticed the design schematics for the original while trying to buy a new peanut on Craigslist(with the pistons legally modified of course) and bought the blueprints soonafter. The USS Radar Overseer was presented to Sam and Mike, who took immediate appeal to it's design, and ignored the glitched automated voice that provided landing sequences. However, Sam hadn't known that the shuttle jet hadn't been loaded with ammunition, and instead decided to built the Orbital ROFL Laser.

Amidst the end of the DROM Civil War, The USS Radar Overseer was given to DROM President Radar Overseer Scotty, who had the shuttle jet cleaned and had the DROS emblem spraypainted on it's rear wings.


In the ROFL Island Chain WarSoviet Lulz Brigade radar stations and satellites had detected the shuttle jet approaching Loltarctica, as they were searching for something there. Scottyvich Baloneykov ordered two OMG jets to fall into pursuit of the shuttle jet. One of them was taken down after evasive manuvers were made, but the second jet had blew the lower turbine of the USS Radar Overseer to bits, then fired on an important and vulnerable point on the Shuttle Jet. The USS Radar Overseer went up in smoke as the OMG jet flew back to his base, proving successful in his mission to take the shuttle down.

The USS Radar Overseer had touched down on Loltarctica, more totalled than a car in a scrap metal department.


  • Machine Guns (Explosive Ammo)
  • Missile Launchers

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