The flag of Ukraine

Country is:



Roughly 45,888,000 people


Petro Poroshenko


United Speakonian Soviet Republic, Belarus





Free or Occupied?:



Ukrainian (Official), Russian, Crimean Tatar (Recognised regional languages)

Nuclear weapons held:

6,176 (5th)

Ukraine is an Eastern European country that borders the USSR. The capital is Kiev. The country was occupied by the USSR, but only after the President agreed to such a military operation.

The USSR and Ukraine have a strong relationship. Unlike its neighbour, however, Ukraine is not a Communist country. Ukraine was one of the many nations to fight until the end during the battle for the USSR during the War in the Republic of My. 34,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed by Diarrhea Death Star, refusing to give up with their allies until the very last moment.

Ukraine usually takes the USSR's side in political debates, unless they ideals are questionable or undesirable. Ukraine also gets most of its weapons and vehicles from the USSR.

Ukraine did not approve of the invasion of Mongolia; however they happily helped the Russians when France performed a nuclear strike against the USSR.


Ukraine is in green.

The Music of Ukraine

The Music Of The TTS World - LOLkraine03:13

The Music Of The TTS World - LOLkraine

The battle anthem for Ukraine

Like many other nations, Ukraine has a battle anthem for its armies. For its national anthem it uses "Shche ne vmerla Ukrayina."


  • In real life (as of September 2014), Ukraine suffers abysmal relations with Russia as a result of the fall of the pro-Russian administration in Kiev, the Russian annexation of the Crimea, military turmoil in eastern Ukraine, Russia's complete suspension of natural gas supplies to Ukraine, and the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine, among other issues.

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