The Unchi-Virus was a fictional virus created by the person of the same name, "Unchi1999."


After being criticised for intentionally making copies of other Text-To-Speech vids, Unchi1999 wanted to take revenge against the ones who hated him. So, he got out his chemistry set and started making the Unchi-Virus. Once his masterpiece was complete, Unchi1999 captured a Speakonian TTS Voice known as Radar Overseer William and tested the virus on him. William did not survive due to the fatal effects it contained. Unchi1999 now learned that his opportunity for payback was at hand.


When infected with the virus, the victim begins to spasm and have seizures. He/she also shouts random gibberish, and constantly say the word "Unchi" over and over until death. It is very dangerous, and should be handled with the upmost caution.


RorytheRetrokids science department in Retrokid Tower, somewhere in Eastern Russia, is creating a vaccine for the virus, but it will take at least 300 centillion years to create, in the mean time, the only thing that works is suicide.