The United Loltions (United Nations in real life) is a global organization that aims to bring peace to all countries on Earth 2, by preventing wars (especially nuclear wars), and solving political disputes in some countries; however, it also aims to eliminate medical threats from the world, such as AIDS, and ways to battle mental problems such as Dementia and Autism, though these are handled by the World Health Organization, a branch of the UL.

Every recognized country in the world (except for the Vatilol, and the region of Palolstine) is part of the UL; however, not all of them have representatives for their countries. Its headquarters are located in Lol York City in the United Lols of Roflica. The secretary general is Ban Klol-moon, though the Security Council President is Lolsan Rice. Its six official languages are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

Nations that fight each other in the UL do not get removed from the UL, though the UL will try to bring the war to a diplomatic end before it escalates.

No nations have, as of yet, left the United Loltions.

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