The United States of Dayleonia or simply known as Dayleonia is a republic divided into two regions. The east is called East Dayleonia and the west is West Dayleonia.

SvgFileService (1)
Flag of Dayleonia



Independence from America

June 4, 2014


United States of America, Canaderp, Great LOLtain


Dayleonian, Daylenese


Dayleonian, English


Dayle Lucy


USSR, Chinom, CubLOL


United, we are one!, Serve to the end!

Vice President



Dayleonia began when a war in Florida broke out over who owns the panhandle. Dayleonia won the war, and it later gained more land slowly over time. Dayleonia and Florida have not signed a peace treaty yet because the war was too intense. So technically the war is still going on. Then a few months passed and it annexed Eastern Texas. After annexation, the TB101 MODES squads have threatened to overthrow the Dayleonian government and annexe Dayleonia. So, a war broke out, killing 95% of the MODES squads. T-Bird was outraged and threw a nuclear hydrogen bomb over the capital of Dayleonia, Dayleburg.


  • DayleLucy101 Tower, East DayLOL, East Dayleonia
  • DayleLucy101 Studios, West DayLOL, East Dayleonia
  • Anti-Spam & TTS Notification Towers, Anti-GayLOL, West Dayleonia
  • Old DayleLucy101 Tower, South NiceLOL, East Dayleonia
  • ChoctaWUTchee Bay, East Dayleonia
  • Lake DeFuniLOL, East Dayleonia

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