The Unnamed Interactive Series is a series being created by Pieboy6000 as of September 2014. He calls the series an ambitious undertaking and says it has been planned before, but without a solid way of incorporating it. The series is based off Mass Effect 2, ending with a finale similar to the game in question, in which the gathered team will launch a mission to destroy a local CLPA force with character deaths possible. He states that the finale will be the interactive portion, with a few choices possible just before that can adjust characters fates, which can lead to other consequences.

The series may not be done for a long time as Pieboy states that he has to make many different images based on the different choices that can be made, and while there are not many, there is still a lot of work to do. He estimates that the series should be done by November/December 2014. The series will be released all at once, after Pieboy "realised his mistakes with the Galactic War".

The story is canon to the Earth 2 Storyline, though only in the best possible outcome.

Pieboy's computer exploded quite literally, and lost all the data on the hard drive. He states that he may return to the series one day.




  • CLPA Forces

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