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Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia. On July 12, 2012, Minecraftian leader EASlol took temporary control of Vietnam after ER88's extended absence. He said he would "return power to ER88 in his return," and EmergencyRanger88 finally returned on August 14, 2012, taking back control from EASlol's temporary rule.

After a terrorist attack in Nigeria, Vietnam was invaded by the former country and the USSR. Vietnam fell at 1:34am, WLT.

The country was given back control of itself after five months of occupation.

Involvement in the war in the Rofl Island Chain

After Operation Electromagnetic Doom, Vietnam declared war on The Supreme AI and The Communist Linux Penguin Army.

Before Operation Downfall occurred, there were an estimated 20,000,000 people living in Vietnam at the time, most of them in ER88 City. Only 5 million survived, most of them within the City of Freedom.

Invasion and Fall of Vietnam

On August 22nd, 2012, at 10:17pm WLT, a terrorist attack occurred in Nigeria. The Vietnamese were found responsible for the attack, and Pieboy backed the claim. An hour after, at 11:17pm, the Russian and Nigerian forces attacked Vietnam. At 12:34am, an hour and 17 minutes after the attack started, it had ended. The country was split between the USSR and Nigeria, Nigeria taking the south, and the USSR taking the north and the islands of Vietnam.

Famed Spots

The City of Freedom (Formerly ER88 City)

The Communist Islands of Glory (Off the coast of Vietnam)

The Music Of Vietnam

The Music Of The TTS World - VietLOL03:22

The Music Of The TTS World - VietLOL

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