Virussia is an unrecognized self-declared state that is officially a part of the United Speakonian Soviet Republic. Virussia is located in the entire Chukotka Autonomous Okrug in the USSR Far East. The area is home to the Virussians, a deadly species capable of infecting everyone they encounter with STIs - Systematically Trasmitted Infections - easily. They have encountered Microsoft Sam once, infecting his computer with a deadly virus. They also infected Penguin, giving him a very deadly virus.

Virussia Flag
The Virussian Flag

Capital City:



Vye Russ

Deputy Leader:

Vistais Va Vreeleesukeevyeruss



Military Leader:

Vladimir Valoncapolyovich Virussia


The Supreme AI, the Communist Linux Penguin Army, the Bloc of Tacoic States


United Speakonian Soviet Republic, United Lols of Roflica, the Speakonian Resistance

The self-declared state is not recognized by any other state on Earth 2. The USSR has vowed to wipe out Virussia's ability to infect others with viruses. Pieboy has announced that he is ready to attack the country with nuclear weapons when others approve of it. The state is surrounded by an almost impenetrable shield, however Russian forces practically negated this by navally blockading the coasts and by putting ground units all around the perimeters.

Upon the defeat of the Supreme AI and the disappearance of Tsiklon, the USSR managed to penetrate the shields of Virussia (the influence of their leader now gone); the Russians invaded the nation, reclaimed their lost land, and executed the Virussian leaders without mercy.

It is believed that although their nation is gone, Virussians still run rampant, causing issues for everyone - especially Microsoft Sam who has to face them in error messages from time to time.


  • Virussia originally had a major role in the first iteration of The Great Final War, but were reduced to a background role in the 2014 reboot.

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