Vitali Garshevsko
Vitali, the Russian Operative

Date & Place of Birth:

Grozny, USSR, Earth 1

August 9th, 1989






International Task Force Operative


United Speakonian Soviet Republic

Best way to engage enemy is to not engage them at all. Second best is shoot their face.

Vitali Garshevsko is a Russian GRU operative who serves alongside Premier RedStar in the USSR. He is generally recruited for deep cover operations that take place in either civilian heavy areas or behind enemy lines. He is skilled in defusing explosives, covertly or otherwise, and serves as a stealth tactician in the field. He generally carries a PP-Bizon Submachine Gun, and conceals a Pistolet Makarova as a backup weapon.

Vitali is a rather recent addition, having been hired by Pieboy as a personal assistant in February 2015, shortly after the Premier had returned from ascension. While Vitali is a fantastic one-man stealth team, he prefers having a small group of at least three people instead of going alone, as he says it makes escaping easier when his cover is blown.

Though Vitali has armour and does use it when behind enemy lines, a majority of his mission require infiltration of civilian areas, where he usually blends in as one of the crowd. He notes a drawback of this being that "any armour is basically a no-no. You look a bit suspicious in the middle of a city wearing military-grade armour. Or any armour at all, really."

Vitali is generally fearless and calm, though he is known to get a little panicky when his cover is blown.

When the USSR dissolved, Vitali signed onto an international task force suited to keep the world safe from terrorism.

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