Vlad Roflzov is the son of the late Lev Roflzov, and a Communist Linux Penguin Army agent.

Early Life

Vlad was born to Anna and Lev Roflzov on March 11, 1990. He often worked in the shipyards of Petrokpavlovsk-Kamchatsky in his youth until 2012. In 2012, his family was attacked by a masked gunman in their own home. Vlad personally witnessed his mother Anna being executed by the gunman, an event that traumatized him for life. The gunman nearly killed him, but Scottyvich Baloneykov killed the gunman and revealed the attacker was a USSR agent under Pieboy6000's rule. His hatred of the USSR and its government grew from that day onward.

Vlad disappeared shortly before the war in the Rofl Island Chain, and did not appear until Earth 2 descended into a cataclysmic war that would determine the planet's existence.

The Great Final War

Despite plans for Vlad Roflzov to appear in the written version of The Great Final War, Roflzov will not have any role in the video reboot.

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