Destroyed city wallpaper-1920x1440

A shot of Vladivostok following the nuclear detonation in August 2011.

Vladivostok is a Large port city on the far south east coast of the USSR, on the border of The Republic of My.Vladivostok is well known for being the first city hit during the Soiturrannian invasion of Russia during the War in the Republic of My. The battle raged on for hours and came to a close when a Tactical Vista Nuke impacted the city, decimating it and killing almost everyone there. Despite the valiant efforts and the abrupt end, the invasion succeeded and the USSR fell a week later.

Vladivostok is also known for being GDI's HQ in the closing days of the Tiberium era. It was in one of the last blue zones on Earth and was frequented by Premier RedStar and Microsoft Sam during the Third and Fourth Tiberium Wars.

Today, Vladivostok is still used by RedStar for military operations in the far east of the USSR, and is the backup Headquarters in the event that Moscow falls and is currently unavailable for recapture.

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