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The Evil Vye Russ, during the Great Final War.

Vye Russ is the leader of Virussia. He has a fiery hatred of the USSR, yet longs to take over the land and create a supreme Virussian state. He loves to spread STIs (Systematically Transmitted Infections) around the world to create more Virussians.

Early Life and Military Career

Vye Russ was born in 1966 in the United Speakonian Soviet Republic.

At some point before the War Trilogy, Vye Russ's mind fell under the control of the supercomputer Tsiklon, the latter having managed to conquer nearly all of the far northeast of the USSR. Tsiklon renamed the conquered territory Virussia, where Vye Russ assumed total control and planned an all-out conquest of the USSR.

The Great Final War

Although this character appeared in the first iteration of The Great Final War, he will not appear in the reboot.

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