The WTF-130 Gunship is an aerial combat purpose vehicle used by the ROFL Marines.


The back of a WTF-130 Gunship.


The WTF-130 Gunship features a multi-personnel cargo hold in the rear of the vehicle, providing extra ground support tp drop into the field when in the heat of battle. The gunship also has two front-mounted repeating turrets, a missile pod placed on the bottom of the aircraft, ultra tough OMG plexiglass protecting the Cockpit and four mortar cannon jumpseats.

The Gunship also has turbo jets which will speed out of tight situations, and a protective shield that defends the critical spots.


Mounted Repeating Turrets

Missile Pod

Mortar Cannons

EMP Radiowaves

Death Ray


There are different kinds of the WTF-130.

WTF-130 Aerial Assault Craft - Basic Gunship. Used for assualt scenarios.

Multi-Purpose Transportation Craft - Made for soldier transportation.

Heavy Artillery Combat Craft - Created to use in war-like situations.