The WTF Star was a variation on the Death Star that fired a beam which contained the WTF Virus 2.0. This was before the WTF virus 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 and the WTF virus 95/98 edition were even created.


It is unknown where the WTF Star was ever created, or when. Scientists weren't able to fully tell where and when it even was created, or even founded.


On March 21, 2010, Sam was alerted that the WTF star was charging. He then summoned Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris destroyed the WTF star with a roundhouse kick.

The Difference

While the WTF Star may be a different version of the Death Star, the WTF Star virus is highly different from the Death Star, that can fire a dangerous beam that can deal serious damage, either way, both beams have an effect, and those effects can be deadly.

Universes Used

So far, the WTF Star is unknown to any of the universes used (edit this part if you feel you used it in your universe), but suspected that due to the existence of this Star, it perhaps may be used in a universe.

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