The George R. Wallace Jr. Civic Center, more commonly known as the Wallace Civic Center, or just simply the Civic Center, is a 1,000-seat multi-purpose arena in Fitchburg, Massachusetts and has an end-stage concert capacity of 3,200. It hosts various local concerts and sporting events for the area. It consists of the Gaetz Arena, the Landry Arena, a planetarium, and several multi-use banquet rooms.

Original Construction (1970)

The Wallace Civic Center opened in 1970 due to funding by George Wallace, a Fitchburg resident. It consisted of two separate ice rinks and a planetarium.

Reconstruction (2010)

After the Diarrhea Death Star destroyed Earth in 2009, The original arena (called the Wallace Civic Center (a.k.a the George R. Wallace Jr. Civic Center) was destroyed along with the planet.

Renaming (2014)

The arena (then the ROFTLOL Arena, the Go-Flying-Out-the-Window Arena, and the LOLdry Arena) was renamed back to their original Earth names in 2014.

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