War of the Fates takes place six hours after The Great Final War and will be the last war of WWIII. Instead of fighting each other the Antagonists have banded together in an alliance called Knox, started by the Evil Mainframe to avenge his sister, knowing that Microsoft Sam and his allies can't be killed alone.
Transformers 3 D.O.T.M Soundtrack - 1406:33

Transformers 3 D.O.T.M Soundtrack - 14. "It's Our Fight" - Steve Jablonsky

The main theme song for the series


The Final battle of WWIII has come. A battle between a mighty civilization and destructive force with a gun pointed at the head of Earth 2. The fate of the world rests on our hero's shoulders. After the sudden bombing of Los Angeles, Sam knows that WWIII isn't over yet and declares one last war on his enemies to crush them forever.

Episode 1: The Beginning of The End

Sam attempts to torture Scotty for clogging his toilet with baloney (again) before Los Angeles is burnt to the ground by CLPA Ships. Sam declares war on the CLPA and its allied axis.

Episode 2: An Unstoppable Force

As EASlol has feared, one of the most deadliest parasites Earth 2 has ever seen has awoken.

Episode 3: Global conflict

Jokermingo0044, Cybriann and the Ultimate Reaver rebuild the Diarrhea Death star: Dysentry Edition and hold Earth 2 hostage.

Episode 4: Operation Hail storm

Realizing their defeat, Sam launches a suicidal world wide aerial bombardment hopefully forcing Knox forces to retreat/chase them to confined cities.

Episode 5: Crash and Burn

The Diarrhea Death Star: Dysentry Edition Fires upon a secret military base with advanced weaponry to stop Sam and his allies obtaining them.

Episode 6: At wars End

With Earth 2 on its knees, a final counterstrike is launched in Florida to end the war.



  • Microsoft Sam
  • Microsoft Mike
  • Microsoft Mary
  • ThePermian99
  • Radar Overseer Scotty
  • Admiral Jackson
  • Pootis Spencer
  • EASlol
  • Natesworld2K
  • TRM
  • Anichik or Ripleedee
  • LockheedF16 or F16Crafter


  • The Evil Mainframe
  • Cybriann
  • The Flood
  • Xenomorphs
  • Xenomorph Queen
  • Usuckbro200
  • CLPA
  • Commander Ubuntux
  • Ultimate Reaver
  • Jokermingo0044

Other News

  • The series is cancelled due to Permian's departure and due to the plot clashing with the reboot of The Great Final War.

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