"None have possessed such pursuits as I have. Those who oppose me will perish under my regime"

Warlord John Douglas Hillard was a former member of the Great British military, and became the leader of the Great Britain Rogues. He is very tall, very handsome, and very evil. He is also believed to have caused the Mind Apocalypse, which made all of the people of Earth 2 believe that the planet was 10,000 years ahead of it's time before the ROFLian Blitz occured.

Early Life

Hillard was born in 1965 in a small town near Liverpool. Hillard was a modest and collected man in his youth, and he enjoyed playing checkers. He was also very inactive, but somehow remained thin.

With the Great British Military

Hillard joined the military when he was nineteen. He was a sniper for a majority of his services, but lost his trigger finger in an explosion, reducing his position to a frontman, and was revoked of his rifle in exchange for a luger pistol.

During the War in the ROFL Island Chain, Hillard accidentally assisted the Soviet Lulz Brigade in destroying a bus near Loldon, as he noticed the incindeary grenade near him, and threw it out of his way, unknown that it landed in the buses exhaust chamber. This led to AT88TV discharging Hillard.

Formation of the Great British Rogues

After Hillard's departure from the military, he went silent for the next three months. He witnessed the moment when the Supreme AI was about to be destroyed in Rofl City. He noticed a passerby walking down the street. Hillard spoke to the man, saying, "We have some unfinished business with Microsoft Sam" and they left the area.

He formed the GLR with several other dischargees and added the man he just met to the clan. They took down five banks, three military bases, and fifteen weapon armories to buff themselves up. Eventually, Hillard used the modified version of the Maiven he took from the Supreme AI, the Mindmelter, to alter everyone's memory by making them think that Earth 2 was 10,000 years ahead of it's time (although Pieboy6000 and Microsoft Sam weren't affected)

After ten years, Hillard falsely accused Microsoft Sam of activating the Machine of War during his communications with the executives of the ROFLian Country of Profantiyland, thus triggering the events of the ROFLian Blitz.


{information to be released by MovieGuruThe}

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