Windows: BlittleMcNilsen Torture Device Edition is an operating system created by BlittleMcNilsen, Radar Overseer Robert, and the Mutant Ninja Taco army, which appeared in Season 1 of Microsoft Sam reads Ridiculous Windows Errors. It is an operating system designed to torture the end user, to the point of suicide. Its evils are unspeakable, and, probably for the better, mostly unknown, except by Microsoft Sam and the people who made the OS. According to Blittle, it is a cocktail of Hell consisting of 2 equally evil elements; the install disc, and the software on the disc.

The install disc was forged within the fires of Hell, and therefore it is demonic hellspawn, and the perfect storage device for an evil software such as this.

The software is a sick mutation of 3 very horrible combined powers. These powers are the powers of Linux Anna, the powers of Windows Vista, and the powers of a stinky smear of rotten diarrhea which was scraped off of a piece of toilet paper from Microsoft Sam's Diarrhea Infested Toilet.

These 2 elements combined make for a terrible weapon.


So far, it has only appeared twice, in Microsoft Sam reads Ridiculous Windows Errors. Once, when Sam was tortured by it, and twice, when Blittle merged himself with it to create the horrible beast Linux Shitsta. God help us should this awful piece of shit show itself again.

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