Windows Evil Corruption startup screen
Windows Evil Startup Screen


Awesome Face Bill


Created solely for the purpose of driving people insane and stealing all of their money




Devil's Hell Star, Satan, and Awesome Face Bill

Windows Evil Corruption is an operating system created by the semi-obscure character known as Awesome Face Bill, and appears first in "Micrsosft Sam reads retarded windows errors" by Firebirds101. This operating system is the second edition of a low-budget, predecessing operating system know simply as Windows Evil. Windows Evil was designed on a very low budget and was easily destroyed long before it achieved its purpose. Awesome Face Bill did not reveal himself during the time period during which Windows Evil was installed on Microsoft Sam's computer, for he did not have enough time to do any serious damage and gloat about it afterwards. As an act of revenge, Awesome Face Bill worked a little harder on Windows Evil Corruption (the second OS in the Windows Evil series) and succeeded to leave a mark before the i
Windows Evil BSOD

Windows Evil Corruption BSOD (no body text)

ts suppo
Windows Evil Desktop

Windows Evil Corruption desktop

sed destruction in episode 4.
Windows Evil Not Fully Loaded

Windows Evil Corruption loading

Windows Evil Fully Loaded

Windows Evil Corruption Fully loaded

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