Master possessor 2

The Master Possessor (Masked Form)

Windows Possessor is an operating system controlled by an unknown program known as "The One." This program is intelligent and powerful.

Creation of "The One"

No one knows, and it has been suspected that "The One" is actually a possible clone of Arsemingo0011, but once again, it is only speculation, and hasn't been confirmed by ROFL Spies or other personnel. This program feeds off other programs to survive. The first of it's targets was Windows '95, and then, it gradually managed to get more, and more powerful. soon, he nearly lost his ability to control that power, and killed off the inhabitants of Windows '98. "The One" lived on, but what of the future Operating Systems?

Demon Possessors

Other programs have been granted "The One's" power but died trying to handle it. They became "followers" of a cause that will bring together the powerful forces, and skewer out the weak ones. These Followers began doing the dirty work of hunting the universe for souls, and returning them, in hynotized form, to the presence of "The One", whre the taking of the victim's soul commences.

Power Levels

"The One's" power is so epic, that the whole universe could be swallowed whole by his in-ability to control it. He has exceeded the power levels of Goku, Vegeda, as well as Shoop Dah Whoop.

  • Over 1,000-2,500 : Powerful - The One is in control, but is strained by the souls he needs to survive.
  • Over 3,000-4,200 : Very Powerful - The One is strained by the power, but still remains in control.
  • Nearly 6,000 : God-Like - The One is very tired; his control is waning. He is now entering danger mode.
  • Over 9,000 : Unbelievably Powerful - The One is about to explode, he can no longer control the power.
  • Almost 11,000 : Power Struggle - It is about to all break loose, The One has no way of keeping himself in control.
  • 17,000 : Totally Screwed - Goodbye. The One's power is too strong. The universe has been disintegrated.
  • Mega 1,000,000,000 - The Black Screen of Death. The entire existence of life is gone, nothing is left. Total darkness.

Danger to Others

As you can see, The One is just way too powerful, and if he loses control, all life will cease to exist everywhere.

Master Possessor 1

The Master Possessor (Demonic Form)