Xavier in combat attire


Xavier Black




[REDACTED], 1985


Earth 1

Xavier is LockheedF16's Field Commander, relaying information to the soldiers out to the battlefield. He is the father of T-kit and Alex (Odd, eh?), and usually oversees areas close to their last known location. He normally keeps secrets, making him hard to crack when interrogated. He only stated he was from Earth 1 and he is always used to combat.


2 Rofl5K-SMGs
Xavier 2

Xavier in the CR2 suit

1 Soi-12 Shotgun

1 AS-54 Combat Rifle

1 FiveSoiven

1 Knife

2 Ammo satchels

Spartan CR 2 Suit


Xavier is a black cat who wears a gray shirt and red gloves when out of combat. When in combat, he wears a Spartan CR 2 Suit. Ironically, he never wears his helmet, leaving him open to headshots. He usually takes care of his kids (T-kit, Alex, Jason, and Maria) when no fights are occuring. He also makes a challenge to shoot 5 target in 4 minutes while drunk. So far, he has made 5 hilarious blunders and 17 accidents with a window on the otherside of the titanium wall of the Fur-0-1 HQ (HOW THE HELL CAN HE GET A 5.56x45mm ROUND THROUGH TITANIUM?!?!?).


Unknown date: Got cut on his nose, leaving a scar

July 26, 2012: Explosion ruptured his liver. Replaced with a mechanical liver.

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