XproductionsTeam (or XPT for short) was a channel on YouTube that was used in the spring and summer seasons of 2011. He created two different TTS series. They are as following: Microsoft Sam Reads Stupid and Funny Signs, and Microsoft Sam Reads Random Windows Errors. XPT had plans to make a series called The Speakonia Gang Plays Wii, but never got the chance to finish the first episode before shutting down his account.

Future of XPT

XPT went on after shutting down his channel to make three channels in May 2013 under a new alias (vorteX): officialvortexsound, vortexchanneltwo, and VortexTTS. The first two were not used for TTS. However, the third was never used at all after vorteX announced he would yet again be switching aliases in December 2013. This alias is known as Tekryon [who?].

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